• Perfect for furniture and cabinets
  • Good value for money
  • Straight interlocked grain
  • High resistance to warping or twisting
  • Comes from South east Asia
  • Standard varnish or oil will enhance the grain
  • No resistance to insects
  • needs to be regularly varnished
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  • Very consistent
  • Contains high levels of tannin making it less resistant to rot
  • Has been used for thousans of years
  • Naturally water resistant
  • Less prone to warping and shrinkage.
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  • Commonly known as blue gum,Eucalyptus and grands gum
  • Straight grain with fine texture
  • Moderately durable wood
  • Usually laminated for optimal results
  • Pale/yellow in colour and grain interlocked
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  • Also Known as Muninga or African Teak
  • Grown in South Central Africa
  • Extremely stable and easy workability making it a great choice for furniture
  • Not on the threatened species list
  • Very little shrinkage
  • Used for furniture ,boat building and veneer
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Cherry wood


  • Moderately durable
  • Colour is a light pinkish brown
  • Does darken over time
  • Not on the threatened species list
  • Very durable and resistant to rot and decay
  • Reddish finish
  • Strainers often used to accentuate the look






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  • Harder thank Oak
  • Less resistant moisture
  • Grown in Europe and Asia
  • Often used for cricket bats and hockey sticks
  • Commonly used for furniture, flooring and doors
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Australian Blackwood

  • Colour highly variable but tends to be golden or reddish brown
  • Moderately durable
  • Not a threatened species
  • Commonly used for veneer,furniture musical instruments
  • Great for coffee tables
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