Coffee tables will compliment and contribute to the overall interior of your home or office space.Careful thought is put into its design.Industrial coffee tables are an investment that will elevate any living area.

It’s important to consider the type of wood for for your coffee table.It’s going to handle a lot over its life time.Ideally you want a wood that’s rich in grain, but equally moisture  resistant and hard.Its going to get bumped ,bashed and receive more of its fair share of liquids.

If you are uncertain which wood to choose, then take a look at the “wood” page.You might want the age old Oak which has a decorated history or something like Kiaat from the African continent.Each has it’s own story and unique properties.At the end of the day you are looking for a colour and style that compliments you living area perfectly.If you don’t find what you are looking for then please mail us with your specific requirement. 

The paint powder coating and varnish  is a very important component to achieving the that perfect look.You’d be surprised at the significant difference a semi gloss black finish has compared to a matt finish.The difference is subtle yet quite profound.

The wood finishing options vary.The waxes and oils need to be re applied more often yet retain the natural wood colour for longer.The Polyurethane sealers tend to darken the wood.The choice is yours!

Lastly, the web is littered with beautiful coffee table designs.I recommend that you do your research ,look around see what wood has been used ,the kind of paint job.Entire paint charts are available ,so you are most certainly not restricted to black.