Our Industrial Coffee Tables will compliment and contribute to the overall interior of your home or office space. Careful thought is put into its design. Furthermore our Industrial coffee tables are an investment that will elevate any living area. In addition we use a selection of square and rectangle steel tubing that is carefully welded to give that smooth seamless finish that you would expect. The wood meets the steel edging at exactly the right place! Please note these designs can be modified to your liking to suit your living area.

It’s important to consider the type of wood for for your coffee table. Popular choices for table tops are Ash, Blackwood and Cherrywood. It’s going to handle a lot over it’s life time. Furthermore you ideally you want a wood that’s rich in grain, but equally moisture resistant and hard. Therefore your coffee table is going to get bumped, bashed and receive more than its fair share of liquids. In conclusion every wood has its own unique signature look that will define your interior look and style.

So to discover more about the world of wood we recommend that you visit our Wood page to better understand their composition and origions. 

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